Welcome to Trees and Fishes, Vanuatu’s premier private retreat. Nestled between rainforest and the coral sea, Trees and Fishes Private Retreat offers authentic island experiences, a spectacular setting, genuine warm hospitality and delicious gourmet cuisine.

Trees and Fishes is about the local island culture, the opportunity to explore spectacular waterfalls and wilderness. Trees and Fishes is the stars, the serenity and gourmet cuisine in a spectacular secluded setting. Trees and Fishes is the perfect base to launch your sport fishing adventure and for divers an underwater aquatic playground. Trees and Fishes is the ultimate wellness retreat, a place where you can simply relax, meditate, take in a yoga session or enjoy a massage or treatment. Trees and Fishes is all about experiencing a personal level of service only possible within this spectacular private setting.


Our Place

Trees and Fishes is a private retreat offering guests the choice of Private Garden and Waterfront Retreat Suites, as well as four opulent Luxury Pool Suites. Each spacious suite exudes rustic charm, promising an intimate tropical escape tailored for couples, adventurers, and small groups alike. Villa Luca with its spectacular private pool, offers private group accommodation for up to 12 guests. Havannah Beach House provides a secluded, waterfront romantic abode, perfect for couples. Guests can enjoy the 2 level cascading pool, the beachside Hacienda bar, complemented by breathtaking coral sea views. Our private jetty is the launch pad for your fishing adventure or cruise to nearby islands and pristine beaches.


Experience More

Embark on a journey of enchantment at Trees and Fishes, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by the serene beauty of Vanuatu’s natural landscapes. Our dining experience is a highlight, featuring innovative cuisine infused with Vanuatu’s native produce. Paired with a selection of fine French, Australian, and New Zealand wines, champagne, boutique beers, and spirits, every meal is a culinary adventure. Trees and Fishes is your gateway for adventure. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Vanuatu culture with a range of activities, from exploring pristine waterfalls, local village visits, fishing, diving, hiking or simply relaxing. Let your senses come alive as you explore the pristine surroundings, creating memories that will last a lifetime. We aim to curate an unforgettable escape, seamlessly blending barefoot luxury, hospitality, and adventure with the natural beauty of Vanuatu.