Set amid verdant tropical gardens and the breathtaking coral sea, Trees and Fishes provides a captivating luxury venue for weddings, milestones, birthdays, and corporate events. Picture-perfect ceremonies under swaying palm trees or intimate gatherings by the ocean create unforgettable moments in this opulent island paradise. Our skilled event planners ensure seamless execution, whether it’s a lavish affair or an intimate celebration. After the festivities guests retreat to spacious and luxurious poolside suites.

Milestones and birthdays come alive with sunset cocktail parties or starlit dinners, creating enchanting memories. Corporate functions thrive amidst tropical beauty, benefitting from dedicated facilities and personalized service that boost productivity and enjoyment. From exchanging vows to team-building retreats, every event at Trees and Fishes is infused with island charm and hospitality. Let Trees and Fishes Vanuatu be the backdrop for crafting cherished memories amidst the allure of tropical paradise.


Stunning Island Weddings

Trees and Fishes Luxury Private offers a picturesque wedding venue amidst a vibrant tropical setting. Exchanging vows under swaying palms against the backdrop of the coral sea creates an enchanting ambiance. Guests delight in culinary wonders crafted from local ingredients, whether under a sundrenched marquee or the enhancing sunset. With meticulous planning and personalized service, Trees and Fishes ensures each detail reflects the couple’s style, creating cherished memories embraced by the romance of the stunning surroundings.


Birthdays and Milestones

Trees and Fishes offers an exquisite venue setting for milestones, birthdays and anniversaries. Celebrate a 50th birthday in style with a sunset cocktail party in the poolside Villa Luca or renew 25th wedding anniversary vows by the coral beach, followed by a gourmet dinner under the stars. With meticulous planning and personalised service, Trees and Fishes ensures unforgettable milestone celebrations for groups looking for a memorable shared experience.


Corporate Events

Trees and Fishes provides an exceptional venue for corporate events, harmonizing natural beauty with modern amenities for productive and unforgettable team gatherings. Villa Luca boasts ample spaces equipped with necessary technologies, offering serene settings for conferences and breakout sessions. Team-building activities such as snorkeling and guided hikes promote camaraderie and communication. Following the day’s events, guests can unwind in luxurious suites or lounge by the stunning Villa Luca pool. Culinary delights await at the on-site restaurant, culminating in an unforgettable corporate event experience at Trees and Fishes.