Trees and Fishes is dedicated to fostering environmental sustainability and community involvement at every level of our operations. Our overall commitment to eco-tourism is evident in implementation of practices that prioritise the preservation of natural environments while still offering enriching experiences for our visitors. By establishing responsible fishing methods, cultivating coral restoration and implementing measures to reduce plastic waste, we contribute to the protection of our surrounding marine ecosystems.

Through these efforts, we not only demonstrate our dedication to environmental conservation but also in supporting and empowering the communities in which we operate. We prioritise the hiring of local residents, providing them with ongoing employment opportunities and investing in their professional development. Additionally, our organisation sponsors local sporting teams and youth development programs, promoting community cohesion and well-being for employees and partners alike.


Practical Initiatives

At Trees and Fishes, our dedication to eco tourism is at the core of our everyday operations. We take immense pride in implementing practical initiatives that prioritise the protection of the environment in which we operate, not only for today but for generations to come. Our commitment extends beyond mere words; it’s reflected in ongoing, real actions that actually make a difference to the local community and environment where we work, live, and play.


Sustainable Fishing Practises

Trees and Fishes partners closely with Vanuatu fisheries to build and deploy near-shore “fish aggregating devices,” assisting local fishermen in accessing vital pelagic fish species. With a focus on sustainability, our “Sea to Table” policy ensures that our vessels harvest only enough line-caught fish to fulfill the needs of our lodge kitchen and support the protein requirements of the local population. This commitment promotes responsible fishing practices and protects marine ecosystems, while supplying food to the community.


Single Use Plastics

Trees and Fishes Vanuatu has launched a new initiative to eliminate single-use plastics from our tourism operations within the next few years. With over eight million tons of plastic entering oceans annually and an estimated five trillion pieces already polluting them, this effort represents our small yet impactful contribution to combating ocean pollution. This initiative not only benefits our local environment but also aligns with our commitment to reducing our impact on the broader ecological footprint.


Marine Restoration

In a commitment to the preservation of our local environment and in particular the reef surrounding Trees and Fishes, we’ve forged partnerships with local community groups to nurture extensive coral gardens in the vicinity of our retreat. Our objective is to bolster the population of resilient corals, fortifying the ecosystem and ensuring its continued vitality for many years to come.


Social Initiatives

Trees and Fishes prioritises community welfare by employing local staff and offering professional development and training opportunities. We sponsor local sports teams and youth development programs, fostering community pride and personal growth. Our commitment to social initiatives reflects our belief in sustainable development and our desire to make a positive impact on the communities we serve, employ and partner.