Trees and Fishes Autumn Menu

Trees and Fishes main dish

Something To Start

Fish Croquette
fish of the day, potato, Fish croquette served w homemade aoli & watercress leaves

Soft Shell Fish Tacos
Cajun marinated fish of the day, iceberg lettuce, soft shell tacos, cheese & chili tomato rougaie

Melanesian Coconut Prawns
Coconut crumbed prawns, green papaya salad w homemade plum asian dip

Pan Seared Scallops, Calamari Salad
Green leaves, seared scallops, calamari, prosciutto locally w trees and fishes lemon, chili dressing

Prawn & Scallop Risotto
Risotto rice, king prawns, scallop, white wine & basil

Raviloli/Pasta of the Day
Fresh pasta a la “Napopo”

Yasabi, soy, sweet chili mayo, pickled vegetables & cabbage salad

Vanuatu Organic Beef Tower
Thinly sliced vanuatu beef, tomato, lettuce w sweet balsamic glaze

Tomato Bruschetta
Mum’s croutons, chili, lemon, tomato rougai

Peanut Stick Meat
Vanuatu meat, coconut & peanut sauce, cucumber salad

“Nems” with Cucumber Salad
Homemade mini spring rolls w asian cucumber & sesame seed salad

Vietnamese Caramalised Pork Belly
Vanuatu organic caramalised pork belly w salad and sprinkle over sesame seeds

On The Plate

Slow Cooked Vanuatu Pork Roast
Pumpkin pure, minted petit pois, pan jus

Curry of the Day
Steamed rice, nan bread, homemade chutney

Fish Papillote
Fish of the day, infused in white wine, fresh herbs w boiled potato, seasonal greens

Vanuatu Organic Eye Fillet
200g eye fillet, red wine jus, mash potato, seasonal greens

Fish of the Day
Lemon butter sauce, kumala, seasonal greens

Vanuatu Pork Chops
Caramalised onion pan jus, kumala mash, sauteed cabbage

Asian Chicken Stir Fry
Seasonal vegetables, sweet chili, coriander sauce served w steamed rice

Slow Cooked Beef Ragout
Seasoned local beef cooked for eight hours, carrot, potato served w couscous & Harissa yogurt

Aged Vanuatu Sirloin Steak
Garlic beans, local “Yam” served w peppercorn sauce

Rack of Veal
Gravy, potato gratin, seasonal greens

Prime vanuatu beef topped w melted cheddar cheese, cafe bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion
& aioli

Chicken a L’Orange
Potato cuts, seasonal greens

Something Sweet

Mum’s Chocolate Mousse
Seasonal fruits

Sorbet Trio
Lemon, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Tulle

Meringue Nest
Vanilla ice cream, creme fraiche, hot chocolate sauce

Lemon Cheesecake
Seasonal fruit

Coffee shot, vanilla ice cream

Grand Marnier Crepe
Orange jus, locally made “Switi” vanilla ice cream

Fruit Crumble
Locally made “Switi” vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Panacota
Topped w seasonal fruit

Trio of Creme Brule
Pistachio, Vanilla, Passionfruit

Chocolate Brownies
Locally made “Switi” vanilla ice cream, creme fraiche

Poached Pear
Chocolate sauce, pistachio praline

Havannah Coupe
Homemade lemon sorbet w shot Vodka

Mini Cheese Plate
Seasonal fruit & pain


French Toast
Brioche, sliced banana, hot maple syrup & cinnanmon sugar

Madame Croque
Ham, cheese toasty w fried on top

Blokem “Wrap”
Burito wrap, watercress leaves, cafe bacon, scrambled egg, hash brown & aioli

Bircher Muesli
Homemade muesli, seasonal fruit & honey yogurt

Croque Monsieur
Ham, cheese toasty

Pancake Stack
Fluffy pancakes w hot mapple syrup

Eggs of Choice
Cafe bacon, sausage, hash brown, tomato

Seasonal vegetables, cheese

Banana & Avocado Stack
Honey yogurt & lime

Mouse Trap
Spaghetti or baked beans on toast w cheese

Soft Boiled Egg
With soldier sticks

Hook Me Up Snacks 

Pizza Of The Day 

Potato Cuts 
Homemade tomato sauce

Croque Monsieur 
Ham & cheese toasty

Smoked Marlin Croutons (6) 

Chicken sticks w homemade satay sauce

Sashimi Plate Complimentary
wasabi & soya sauce

Homemade Savory Muffins Of The Day 

Mini Hamburgers (3)
meat or fish patties, cheese and homemade tomato sauce

Trees and Fishes Lunch Menu

Salad Nicoise 
Cucumber, tomato, carrot, beans, green leaves, boiled egg, tuna w balsamic, olive oil

Steak Baguette
Organic steak, lettuce, tomato, caramalised onion, homemade sauce served on a french

Croque Monsieur 
Ham, cheese toasty

Terriyaki Fish 
Grilled fish of the day, seasonal greens, terriyaki/honey sauce served w noodles

BBQ Chicken Drumstick 
Kumala chips, papaya salad

Penne w Spicy Sausage 
Red sauce, basil, parmesan cheese

Fishes Salad 
Fish of the day marinated in lemon juice, soaked w coconut milk & julienne vegetables

Mini Hamburgers (3) 
meat or fish patties, cheese and homemade tomato sauce

Potato Cuts 
Homemade tomato sauce

Guest Book

Love your resort

Love your resort….so peaceful, beautiful and staff (especially Jeanine, she was so nice and nothing was ever a trouble.) Helen Gates

The best trip we have ever had together!

It has hands down beat all our expectations. Jeanine has absolutely gone out of her way to make it special and I have never seen anyone who works as hard as she does. Her attention to detail and every guests whim goes beyond anything we have ever seen before. Oh I almost forgot the food […]

This is the place!

Just finishing up a great trip with Oceanbluefishing in Vanuatu. We caught some cracking fish and everything we brought in was distributed amongst the local villages. I couldn’t have asked for more in regards to service and hospitality. If you are looking for a fishing destination, this is the place. Martin Richards

Couldn’t speak higher of Ocean Blue and Trees & Fishes.

We’ve been twice now and both times have been incredible! Jeanine and her team at the lodge are so accommodating and friendly, making sure you’re relaxed and looked after! Our guide & deckie were knowledgeable and put us into some incredible fish, while being super friendly and giving us some good tips along the way. […]

Truly memorable fishing experience on every level.

The staff take exceptionally great care of you, especially Jeanine who goes that extra mile to make sure you are well looked after. The location, the fishing, the accommodation, and the meals are all amazing. Definitely a bucket list place to tick off!! Just come back from my third trip in three years…never disappoints, and […]


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