Spring Nangae Muesli

Serves 6 Ingredients: 3 Cups of porridge oats 1 Cup of any dried fruit ie:prunes, apricots, sultanas 1 ½ Ltr of milk 150-200g of good Vanilla yogurt 1 Cup of fresh cream To serve: ½ firm banana, nangae nuts, raspberries, maple syrup Mix everything together, except the sliced banana and to serve items. Put in […]

September 16, 2014
Corn Flakes Crumbed Wahoo w Tomato Relish

The great majority of anglers will always hold a special place in their hearts for the surprises Wahoo are famous for. The flesh of the wahoo is white to grey, delicate to dense flesh with a delicious firm taste. (Definitely my favorite fish) Serves 4 Fish Ingredients 800g fish fillets 200g corn flakes Directions Pat […]

August 11, 2014
Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya crunches like carrot, but tastes mild like a cucumber. This papaya (or pawpaw) salad is a light and refreshing salad using easy to find local produce of Vanuatu such as the green papaya, local raw peanuts, birds eye chili, lime juice and fresh mint that gives this salad a nice balance of flavor. […]

July 21, 2014
Vanuatu Lime Juice

On arrival to Trees and Fishes, take time to enjoy one of our welcome lime juice under the waterfront fare while absorbing the spectacular views and tranquility of Port Havannah. Trees and Fishes Lime Juice 70ml lime juice 1.5 litres of water or for a sparkling twist use soda water 3 tablespoon of white sugar […]

July 2, 2014
Oven Baked Mahi Mahi

Serves 4 The mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish is a surface-dwelling ray-finned fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. Also known widely as dorado. Mahi-mahi can live up to 5 years, although they seldom exceed four. Sport fishermen seek them due to their beauty, size, food quality, and healthy population. Fish 2 x […]

June 13, 2014
Ocean Blue Martini Cocktail

Ocean Blue Martini Cocktail are refreshing, perfect for that sunset drink after a hard day on the water, featuring blue curacao, vodka and soda water which adds a hint of sweetness to the drink. Makes 2 cocktails Ingredients 1 cup crushed ice 30ml cup Vodka 30ml cup blue curacao Soda water 1 Lemon or Lime […]

May 26, 2014
Pan Seared Teriyaki Wahoo

Serves 6 Wahoo is a fish found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. It is best known to sports fishermen, as its speed and high-quality flesh make it a prize game fish. Their sweet flesh really comes out with this dish. Prepare your fish early in the day and leave it in the refrigerator to […]

May 19, 2014


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